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We supply and deliver, fresh preservative-free, raw pet meat to people who care to feed a more holistic, raw diet to their companion animal, whether reptiles / canines / felines or avian. Our beliefs are based on what our companion animals would eat in nature.

Instincto is the act of eating by instinct. It is theorized that dog and cat dietary tracks have not changed from their ancestors and that our companion reptiles, dogs, cats and birds gain the most benefit from a raw balanced diet of meat, bones, offal, as they can digest these proteins efficiently when delivered in a fresh raw meat form.

If you are also looking for a BARF diet, check out our specialised mixes which cater for the BARF enthusiast. We have also been called Paleo for Pets, because of our attitude towards low processing of the food, to allow our animals to receive the most nutrition from their food.

Our range includes:
- Fresh Preservative Free, NO additives, NO Fillers, Roo /Emu/ Beef / Chicken / Turkey .
- Premeasured Cryo-vac'd Fresh Pet Food Portions available.
- "Vet recommended mixes".
- Pet Accessories also available.
- Tick and Flea Treatment Products.

If raw fresh pet food is what you are looking for, visit our website to order and find plenty of information and links about fresh pet food and raw food for dogs and cats. Our Store Trades Tuesday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm. Except on Public Holidays.

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