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Now into our eighth year of operation, we have assisted over 250 dogs to find their 'happy ever afters'. Holly's rescues and rehomes small dogs of any age. We rescue from pounds and accept surrenders. We take in and care for all small breeds of dog.

At Holly's we understand the importance pets play in people's lives. We believe people should be able to have their beloved pets with them for as long as possible. Sadly, there comes a time for some people when they can no longer care for their pets, sometimes due to having to move to an aged care facility or even passing away. At Holly's we give peace of mind to these people by providing a home with love and all the care they need.

Holly's rescues and finds home for dogs from local and regional pounds as well as taking in 'surrenders'.

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in Maitland, SA

Phone: 0427733795
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