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The AWLQ specialises in the care, shelter, and re-homing of cats and dogs. Since 1959, the AWLQ has opened its doors and hearts to all companion animals in need. As well as providing on-site care at its' four Re-homing Centre's (Gold Coast, North Brisbane, South Brisbane and Beenleigh), the AWLQ has a fostering and rehabilitation program that is second to none.

Gold Coast Rehoming Centre (07) 5509 9000
Gold Coast Vet Clinic (07) 5594 0111
Beenleigh Rehoming Centre (07) 3807 3782
Ipswich Vet Clinic (07) 3812 7533
Warra Rehoming Centre - North Brisbane (07) 3631 6800
Willawong Rehoming Centre - South Brisbane (07) 3714 2800

The AWLQ works closely with the Gold Coast City Council in providing care for stray animals during their impound period, with all unclaimed animals then transferring to the AWLQ for re-homing.

As well as a high focus on rehoming, the AWLQ continues to increase community awareness about how to end the tragedy of pet overpopulation. Our goal is to bring an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through legislative changes, education and awareness.

We need the Community's Help
The AWLQ cannot continue its welfare work, caring for the communities homeless animals without the financial support of the community. The direct costs involved in the re-homing of each animal are approximately $500 This cost does not include the support staff that maintain the organisation, allowing the AWLQ to keep its doors open, or the veterinary clinics, which provide charitable veterinary care to the public.

The AWLQ is a Registered Deductible Gift Recipient, Registered Charity No 422 and is a part of the Australian Charities Fund.

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Phone: 07 5509 9000
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