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The tide is turning slowly but surely on Australia's free-roaming cats and if you live in the ACT your cat may have just earnt itself some extra lives with ACT’s new plan for cat containment.   From July 1, 2022, all new cats across all suburbs of the ACT will need to be contained at all times.  This means inside the house, or in a catio or cat enclosure or run. While other jurisdictions have opted for implementing cat curfews (the Adelaide Hills), and 24/7 containment within the owners property (The Greater City of Bendigo), the ACT is the first to go the whole way with full containment.  


The ACT government will work hard to educate cat owners about their responsibilities, but to prove that they aren’t pussyfooting around, tough penalties will be enforced for cat owners caught doing the wrong thing, with a maximum penalty of $1,600. 

30/06/2022 By Perfect Pets
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The ACT Cat Plan 2021-2031 has been developed in consultation with the community and key environmental groups.  A major factor in the decision was the need to reduce the risk to native wildlife.   Around Australia, pet cats are responsible for the death of a staggering 390 million animals each year. That’s over 100 animals per pet cat.  With our wildlife trying to bounce back from the ravages of bushfires the last thing they need to contend with is our pet cats!


If saving native animals isn't enough to convince you that containing your cat is a good idea, the laws also looked at the evidence for improved safety and wellbeing of pet cats. Research shows that indoor cats, or cats that are contained outdoors, live longer lives than cats who roam free. This is no surprise, reducing the threat of fights, dogs, disease, and the most significant risk of being injured or killed by a vehicle. 


Catio's and cat enclosures don't need to be expensive and difficult

Cat runs are a great way of allowing cats the freedom to be outdoors while being contained within their own backyard. While laws might not immediately affect you and your cats because of where you live, it’s important that the well-being of all cats is addressed. No cat is immune to diseases or invincible against cars. All cats possess the natural instinct to hunt and kill other animals. Responsible cat ownership and containment should be a priority for all cat owners. 


Our friends at Catnets have a range of cat netting solutions and portable cat enclosures available to keep all cats and wildlife safe. Netting is an ideal material for catios and runs. It’s very versatile and easy to work with, and it’s barely noticeable once installed. Catnets supply a range of bulk netting sizes, as well as netting by the metre to suit any outdoor space.  They also provide installation accessories and have DIY videos available.


If you are unable to attach netting to your property, a Portable Cat Enclosure could be the best option for you. Portable Cat Enclosures are an increasingly popular option providing a safe and practical solution for containing cats outdoors and are ideal for those renting or those who prefer not to create a more elaborate and permanent enclosure. They are lightweight yet sturdy, and simple to assemble.


When building an outdoor cat run, ensure you also consider your cat’s environmental and behavioural needs. These needs may centre around your cat’s age, personality, and basic need for rest, play and stimulation. All cats need vertical space, so be sure to add some climbing furniture into the cat run. Some toys to keep your cat stimulated, and scratching surfaces to satisfy their basic animal instincts.  Skywalks Outdoor Cat Furniture is a great range to help enrich your cat’s environment including cat trees, climbing platforms and scratchers.


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