Animal shelters battling on through 2020

When you're struggling and complete strangers go out of their way to help you, there's nothing better than being able to do something for them in return.  I met Kerrie Carroll "the chicken lady", earlier in the year when she helped me with my very sick chicken.  At the time, I had no idea that Kerrie runs Lucky Stars Sanctuary, and when I learned that they needed some help with food for the animals, we were so pleased to be able to help.  

05/06/2020 By Perfect Pets
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Kerrie said that "the biggest challenge facing the sanctuary is always covering the costs of food and veterinary treatments.   All of our fundraising activities were cancelled due to COVID-19 so assistance with pigeon, chicken, dog and cat food was hugely appreciated. This donation allowed us to direct finances towards other expenses. We're expecting things to worsen and trying to think outside the box to raise funds.  We've just recently started selling bags of Alpaca poo for winter gardens!''.   


Fun Fact: Alpaca manure is great for gardens!   

 Alpacas convert grass and hay to energy very quickly and eat far less than other farm animals.  Because of this, their manure has lower organic content which means that the manure can be spread directly onto plants without burning them.  It also has comparatively high levels of nitrogen, potassium, and above average calcium and magnesium content.  Gardners find the alpacas' rich fertilizer perfect for fruit and vegetables.


With COVID 19 hot on the heels of recent bushfires and drought, Kerrie said it's hard work, but with a great team of volunteers, they are up for the challenge.  "'Recently we've taken in a lot of animals that have been surrendered because people have lost jobs and can no longer afford to feed them.  Thankfully, we are still able to provide the best of care for all of the animals living at the sanctuary.  ''.  


Kerrie said that the number of people surrendering poultry has also increased and is expected to get worse, because of the panic buying of layer hens when COVID 19 hit.


"We're still happy to get up every day to care for our animal residents and assist the community in today's challenging times''. 


Kerrie - Lucky Stars Sanctuary

Lucky Stars Sanctuary


Lucky stars Sanctuary provides treatment, rehabilitation, and shelter for wildlife, farm and domestic animals that are injured, neglected, unwanted, or surrendered.   Located in Bywong, 15 minutes from Canberra, the sanctuary currently cares for more than 300 animals.  If you'd like to visit or offer support see Lucky Stars Sanctuary for more information and contact details.


We'd like to give a shout out to Carol at Bellchambers Produce who not only sent Kerrie our way but is also providing ongoing help with the food donations.  Thanks also to US Transport for moving so many pallets of food from A to B, and Simon at Powells Stockfeeds for help with storage and distribution.  Last but not least, the Petbarn Foundation who's generous donations make our food donation program possible. 


If we can help support you're shelter or rescue group please contact us.


Carol and Kerrie receiving the food donation

Kerrie & Carol with food donation

Kerrie Carrol - Lucky Stars Sanctuary