Natalie Davey

Natalie is the founder of Mojema Canine Relationship Coaching, a business she created to support people to build stronger relationships with their dog. Natalie focuses on the relationships we have with dogs because it is the key to a solid foundation for living and working together as a team. Her goal is to help dogs live better lives by promoting fear free and reward-based training techniques and philosophies, and creating safe, supportive, and positive spaces conducive to learning. Natalie is a qualified dog trainer of 10 years, she is the first internationally certified Relationship Assessment Tool (RAT) Instructor in Australia and is a Fear Free and Human-Animal Bond Certified Professional.

Natalie Davey image

Before creating Mojema, Natalie's career was in education, scientific communication and publishing. She finds that she can readily transpose useful skills from these roles to help people understand and bond with their dogs. Natalie will be drawing on these talents to produce guides, information resources and tips on training, behaviour and relationship building with dogs for the Perfect Pets community.


Natalie lives on the coast in regional Victoria with her working breed cross, rescue dog Molly. Molly was once described to her as a "cracker" of a dog, which is a most fitting description. Natalie credits Molly with teaching her many lessons but the most important has been to see the individual, whether canine or human. If we see who they really are, not what we want or expect them to be, it changes the game.