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A fresh approach to veterinary care - Animal mad vets. Gentle & experienced nurses. The home of Free Vaccines 4 Life. We built this clinic, and wrote our policies with very specific missions in mind - to provide a fresh approach to veterinary care. Here are a few of the ways we're demonstrating our mission:

Reception lounge - Separate dog & cat waiting areas, even down to their own entrances. Cat carriers can be placed on the special tables provided so cats are always off the ground and don't feel threatened. There are hitching hooks at the Reception counter and on the walls for you to attach your dog's leash to, so you have hands free to fill out paperwork and talk to other humans.

An animal-themed children's play area is filled with books and toys to ensure you can focus on your four-legged children at this doctor's visit.

We know you're probably in a rush or have been busy all day, so we're open from 8am sharp, right up until 6pm. Make that 7pm on Thursdays! We've even thrown in iPhone chargers (for both iPhone 4s & 5s of course) in the Reception Lounge so you can literally re-charge while you wait.

Consulting rooms - There are three in total - one dog consulting room, one exotics & pocket pets room and one dedicated cat consulting room. The cat consulting room has a 'Feliway' pheromone calming device, as well as a plush arm chair and cat toys scattered everywhere, to make your cat feel like we're all just hanging out in your living room.

The dog consulting rooms are hygenically cleaned with a special odour eliminator in between every single consultation, so your pet isn't stressed by another dog's smell (and doesn't want to wee on everything!). There are more of our 'pet parking' hooks on the walls in the consulting rooms too, plus non-slip mats on the consulting tables. The room for exotics and pocket pets is kept at a warmer temperature than the rest of the clinic, and remains free from the scents of dogs and cats.

Grieving & Visiting room - When pets are in hospital we can set owners up in this special room so you can have private time with your pet, without compromising access to their support equipment such as fluid pumps and urinary catheters. This room is also utilised for grieving & euthanasia, away from public eyes so you can do loud ugly crying as much as you need.

Wards - There are separate insulated dog & cat wards so your pet never has to see (or hear!) the other species. Wards are individually climate controlled and feature heated kennels, natural light & non-slip flooring. The bedding looks like something out of a hotel linen cupboard - woollen blankets are freshly laundered daily & plush pillows prop up weary heads.

Kennel Cam - When the doors close and the lights turn off, the monitoring continues remotely. If your pet needs to stay in hospital overnight, you will receive unique logins so you can access their Kennel Cam all night via our online live link. The cameras have night vision technology so you can see every detail, from how much of their dinner is left, to the reassuring up-and-down of their little chests.

Plus many more features we can't wait to tell you about!



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