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Do you have a big dog, a little dog, an itchy scratchy smelly dog? Book a bath today! With LICKS n WAGS dog wash owners get a clean & happy pet while the doggies get a fun & loving pamper experience.

Currently serving the Tomaree Peninsula; Anna Bay, Boat Harbour, Corlette, Fingal Bay, Nelson Bay, One Mile, Salamander Bay, Shoal Bay, Soldiers Point, Taylors Beach.

Washing only, Sorry no clipping/grooming. Casual or Regular bookings available.

Just like human's, doggies are all different and have a variety of washing, coat and skin care requirements. Have piece of mind that your doggy will never miss a wash by booking in advance according to you and your dogs needs. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly etc.

Of course some doggies will just need a wash now and then, for special occasions or because they have found something extra special to roll in. Casual bookings are welcome!

Got Fur?
Whether your doggy lives inside or out, has short hair or long you may find little balls or random pieces of his/her hair here and there. Licks N Wags grooms your doggy removing knots, matted fur and shedding fur that is caught in the undercoat. Additional charges will apply for excessive knots, matting and undercoat.

Your dog will benefit from regular grooming by you at home to minimise shedding in short and long haired dogs while promoting the skins natural oils for a beautiful and healthy coat. Knots and matting can be prevented and Cherie can teach you and your dog how with a grooming lesson.

Adopted a Dog?
Time for a new dog or cat? Please consider adoption of unloved and unwanted animals. Your first stop could be your local pound where the animals time is running out. There are a number of wonderful animal rescue organisations who save as many animals as they can from death row but these lucky animals still need a loving forever home.

Are you a rescue dog foster parent and people who have just adopted a dog from the pound or animal refuge! Please contact for details. To thank you for saving a life, LICKS n WAGS will give a discount to rescue dog foster parents and people who have just adopted a dog from the pound or animal refuge! Please contact for details.

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Phone: 0421050888
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