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Dogcity Daycare is Adelaide's first and best dog daycare centre. We are dedicated to providing enrichment, engagement, socialisation, stimulation, play and FUN to your much-loved canine family member! We also offering grooming services and training courses.

The Dogcity team are passionate about providing a service that all dogs love... essentially we are the Disneyland of the dog world! At Dogcity we are a home away from home. A place where owners are dragged through our front doors by eager dogs, where tails wag excitedly, and slobber is plentiful. Where play is a must, and best friends are made! We are the happiest place in the world!

What we do: We passionately deliver a unique doggy experience comprised of play, affection, physical stimulation, socialisation and of course, FUN! - all in a safe, loving and sparkling clean play environment.

How we do it: We use gentle touch, body positioning, assertive energy and calm leadership to guide our pack. We fill our play pens with equipment and toys, and our Pack Leaders are trained in facilitating safe play through games and activities that your dog will love. We believe a dog's organic instincts, drives and communication must be learned by humans, not the other way around, and the satisfaction of a dog's natural drives are key to a successful and happy co-existence with our dogs.

We love giving dogs a day where their natural instincts are fulfilled and their drives satisfied. Just wait and see how much your dog naturally loves coming to join the Dogcity pack!

...The happiest place in the world!


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Phone: 08 8363 5088
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