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Bindi Dolls - Scottish folds and British Cattery, Sydney NSW 4 images
CATS NSW registered breeder of Pedigree Scottish folds, Scottish Straight, and British longhair Cats NSW. Welcome all to Bindi Dolls Cattery. Home is where the love is and a home isn't a home ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Furrytail Cattery - British Shorthair Breeder Sydney15 images
We are Emily (Shuyi) and Sophie (Sichen), two young crazy cat ladies but we have been breeding with passion in this particular breed for 5 years now.
We devoted all our spare time and efforts into ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
 Bushkenheim Norwegian Forest Cats Australia4 images
We have been showing & breeding Norwegian forest cats since 1997,having relocated from the UK bringing new pedigree lines from Sweden & Norway.

I have travelled to Sweden and France and ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Princecat Persian and Chinchilla Cats7 images
I have a small cat breeding ethical business and I breed the most beautiful persian and chinchilla cats from European and Australian origins in a family environment. read more
Distance from search location: 1 Km
Exo Beauties British Shorthair Breeder2 images
Exo Beauties Cattery breeds British Shorthairs (and occasionally beautiful Scottish folds & Straight) which make great pets and companions.
We are Sydney base registered with ANCATS and perform ... read more
Distance from search location: 2 Km
TAKKICAT Ragdolls - Pedigree Ragdoll Breeder - Sydney, NSW12 images
We are a reputed boutique cattery that prides itself on ethically breeding top-quality Ragdolls. All our breeding cats are pets and stay with us for life. We breed both traditional and mink Ragdolls ... read more
Distance from search location: 4 Km
Precious British Purrs9 images
Precious British Purrs is a small cageless cattery located in the beautiful Eastern suburbs of Sydney NSW.

We run our cattery with great love, passion and dedication with health, well-being and ... read more
Distance from search location: 6 Km
Crownjems Persians - Persian Cat Breeder - Sydney, NSW4 images
Persian breeder, Vans and Bi-colours. We are a small cattery only having 1 or 2 litters a year.
Our Persian kittens and cats are gentle and loving and only go to approved indoor homes.
I have been ... read more
Distance from search location: 7 Km
Damewood Cat Co - Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Breeder - Sydney, NSW3 images
Damewood have a small program of Scottish Folds, Scottish Shorthairs and British Shorthairs.

Plenty of extra photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Damewood is a Registered pedigree breeder with Cats ... read more
Distance from search location: 8 Km
Snowgum Siberians - Siberian Cat Breeder - Sydney, NSW14 images
Experienced breeders of gorgeous pedigree Siberian kittens (breeding since 2008) on Sydney's leafy North Shore. Stunning show quality parents from the very best Russian lines. Most of our breeding ... read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km
Fluffyballs Ragdolls - Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Sydney, NSW7 images
Ragdoll/Exotic breeder located in Sydney. All imported lines. We concentrate on breeding sweet and pretty fluffy ragdolls & Exotics.
PM if interested. read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km

Cats for Sale New South Wales, NSW

See our list of cats and kittens for sale and adoption in New South Wales.   When considering a cat for a pet, it's important you research the breed you're interested in so that you fully understand the needs of that particular breed.  Some things like the grooming needs of long haired cats can be obvious, but health issues in certain breeds, feeding and other factors can vary significantly from one breed to the next.   It's a good idea to contact breed clubs - as they can be a great source of support and information and support as well.  

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Cat breeders New South Wales, NSW

While our list of cat breeders in New South Wales (NSW) are all registered, we still encourage you to see our advice on finding a reputable breeder.  Finding a caring and experienced breeder that understands genetics, and ensures the long term health and wellbeing of their cats is of the utmost importance.  You could also think about adopting a kitten or adult cat - there are many advantages to adoption that you may not be aware of.   You can check our list of shelters and cat rescues in New South Wales here.


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