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Registered Birman Cat Breeders Australia

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Birmilska Birmans - Birman Breeders - Central Coast, NSW4 images
Birmilska Birmans is a cattery operating out of the Central Coast, NSW. Breeding beautiful blue eyed kittens with blue, seal and chocolate points. We are a family run small cattery. Raising and ... read more
Santara Birmans - Birman Breeders - Perth, Western Australia2 images
Located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, Santara is dedicated to breeding quality, typey Birmans with affectionate, outgoing, well adjusted temperaments.

Santara specialises in ... read more
Brincat Birmans - Birman Breeder - Sunshine Coast, Queensland2 images
Brincat cattery is a breeder of Birman kittens/cats, located in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Brincat Kittens:
We breed Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac & ... read more
Dreampoint Birmans - Birman Breeders Aust - Brisbane, Queensland9 images
Breeding solid seal and blue point and tabby point Birmans on Brisbane’s Northside. Raised in my home with love. I breed for health and temperament.

All my kittens go to their new homes from 12 ... read more
Jodalyn Birmans - Birman Cat Breeders Aust - Brisbane, Queensland4 images
We are a cattery located Caboolture specialising in breeding the beautiful birman breed. I am a registered breeder with the Queensland Feline Association Inc (QFA).

For more information please visit ... read more
Bobbysocks Birmans - Birman Breeder - Brisbane, Queensland4 images
Birmans are divine kittens and grow into gorgeous cats. Their personalities seem to be more outgoing than some of the other colours so they fit in very well with all members of the family. This breed ... read more
Feanor Birmans - Birman Breeders Aust - Brisbane, Queensland4 images
We breed red and cream point Birman cats. We are in a lifestyle living area just south of Brisbane. All our cats and kittens are raised living in our house with us. We concentrate on heath and ... read more
Hoshiko Birmans - Birman Breeders Aust - Brisbane, Queensland5 images
Hoshiko is a boutique cattery situated on 5 acres at Sheldon in the Redlands. We are registered breeders with Queensland Feline Association and The Birman Cat Club of Queensland. Our goal is to breed ... read more
El Dorato Birmans - Birman Breeders Aust - Melbourne, Victoria5 images
We are breeders of seal, blue and chocolate point Birmans. With specialty in beautiful Birman kittens suitable for show, breeding and as a pet. Our temperament is second to none as all kittens are ... read more
Arakan - Birman Breeder & Siberian Cat Breeder - Melbourne, Victoria2 images
We are breeding for the standard of the Birmans and Siberians firstly and temperament secondly. I am an active member of FCCV, I am often at the shows through out the year. I am also a Judge, so ... read more
Blaxhaven Birmans - Birman Breeder - Melbourne, Victoria2 images
Blaxhaven is a small cattery located in the rural suburb of Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our goal is to always breed to standard with type, temperament and companionship being our main goals.  ... read more
Jaselie Birmans - Birman Breeder - Sydney, NSW9 images
My aim is to breed outgoing personalities and great temperaments, they are well socialised soon after their mum weans them off they are handled with plenty of affection. Colours that I breed Seal, ... read more