West Coast Cheetohs are a registered and approved breeder of Cheetohs in Western Australia. We are registered with Australian National Cats (ANCATS).

Cheetohs originated in 2001 by crossing the domestic Ocicat to the Bengal cat. What resulted was a fun-loving, playful, energetic cat that is also sweet and willing to lavish all their love and attention upon their human companions. They make great family pets. They have funny, enjoyable personalities and are good with children, dogs, cats, water play, walking on a leash, can learn tricks such as to fetch, and can sometimes even be trained (or in our case train themselves!) to use the bathroom toilet!

They are generally a large breed with a muscular body and a cheetah-type wild look about them. Not to mention their soft, velvety easy to maintain coats are to die for and come in a range of patterns and colours. We are lucky to usually get a variety of colours in our litters.

All our kittens are raised in our home surrounded by love. They are registered with Pedigree papers and are fully vet-checked, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated to date.

Our kittens cost $1600 each. We require a $600 deposit to secure your kitten, with the balance being required before the kitten turns 12 weeks of age.

Please contact us to enquire about any current or upcoming litters.

Please note we will not have any litters available until 2022.

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