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Damewood have a small program of Scottish Folds, Scottish Shorthairs and British Shorthairs.

Plenty of extra photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Damewood is a Registered pedigree breeder with Cats NSW of Scottish Folds and Scottish Shorthairs and British Shorthairs.

Scottish Kittens make wonderful companions and are inquisitive and often clown-like by nature, often known to sit in a Buddha Pose.

I always recommend following our Facebook or Instagram pages -- Damewood Cat Co -- as they are the media platforms that we use to announce all our latest show news and kitten arrivals.

I am a health and quality focused breeder and only have a few of litters each year. I work hard to match the kitten with the family and therefore I do not keep a waiting list or take deposits as kitten matching is a very important thing.

Some kittens are quiet and shy, and others are quite outgoing, and their little personalities shine when they are in the right homes.

Kittens are ready at 12-14 weeks and come fully sterilized along with Passport, 2x Vet Checks, 2 x Vaccinations, Pedigree registration, luxury kitten pack.

Please email me an introduction for your family including the home, children, others pets etc.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test in accordance with the current standards and recommended guidelines for your breed? Can you demonstrate your knowledge of any required DNA or other health related test results concerning your breed (if applicable).
My queens have full genetic tests carried out by ORIVET - paperwork can be viewed.
Question. Do you ensure that your kittens are appropriately socialised? Please provide details about how you raise your kittens to ensure that their environmental and social needs are met, that they are suitable as pets. And, do you ensure that the new family understands and is equipped to continue this socialisation?
Kittens are reared inside our home with plenty of affection and social conditioning including other cats, vacuum cleaners etc.
Question. What written information about the conditions of sale, warranty, and information concerning the care and maintenance of the breed do you provide?
Intially written enquries followed up with a verbal interview prior to viewing. Deposits are paid prior to viewing to avoid time wasters.
Question. Is ensuring that your kittens go to the right home a high priority? How do you ensure that the kitten will be a good fit, and be well cared for in its new home? Do you have a verbal or personal interview?
New buyers are interviewed for suitability and the style of home they are offering. We ask for deposits prior to viewing.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support? For example: Help with introducing a kitten to other animals; help with any health or behavioural problems that might occur.
Full Kitten Support Pack supplied with purchase include all relevant paperwork for microchipping, desexing, vaccinations, extra baby photos etc.
Question. In the long term, do you assist with re-homing a kitten or cat if for some reason the new family are unable to care for it?
I have not had to arrange this but would certainly assist the original buyer with re-homing.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Breeder has not answered this question

British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair Kittens, Canada Bay,Sydney, NSW - Damewood Cat Co - Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Breeder - Sydney, NSW

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