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ALDERHAUS German Shepherd Dogs. Registered Breeder since 1972, Breeding and showing has been my life long passion.

We are dedicated to breeding premium German Shepherds. Our breeding program consists of dogs from proven bloodlines and our imported sires carry some of the best producing bloodlines in the world. Every litter is planned with the intentions of producing high quality dogs.

Just because we sell you a show potential puppy with world class genetics does not mean you have to show it. However, it may mean your dog will inherit fewer genetic problems. It may also possess intriguing beauty, above average conformation, strong nerves, a well adjusted temperament, and loyalty. In fact MOST of our puppies go to family homes and are not shown, except for the puppies we keep for showing. Our aim is to breed the best pups possible for us, as well as a loving family companion for you.
When we choose sires for our bitches, we choose only top stud dogs who compliment our bitches, with the aim of improving the quality of the breed through every generation.

ALL our breeding dogs have official hip and elbow passes through either the German Shepherd Dog Council of Aust Hip and Elbow Scheme, or in the case of our imported males, through a recognised overseas scheme. Dogs must be over 12 months of age to be able to participate in these schemes. Breeders DO NOT get puppies x-rayed as their hips, and especially elbows, are not fully developed until around 21 weeks of age. Only the parents are x-rayed.

I'm happy to have a phone chat with you, or you can message me if you prefer. However it would be appreciated if you could read our puppy information page on our website in full, and fill out the Questionnaire (in red writing) further down the page and email it to me. This will tell me a little about yourself and whether you are an expereinced dog owner or a first time dog owner. We try to select our puppy buyers the most suitable puppy. And you will have a better understanding of how it all works by reading this entire page.

ALDERHAUS German Shepherds: Breeder of over 140 litters, Winner of 4 National Medals-Silver 1987, Gold 1988, Silver 2001, Silver 2003 (Only one other breeder in WA has won this many medals). Winner of GSDA of WA Top Breeders Trophy , Breeder of over 40 Breed Surveyed German Shepherd Dogs, WA's Longest Registered Breeder of German Shepherds.

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Phone: (08) 9397 0535
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