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Registered Burmese Cat Breeders Australia

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Jateki - Burmese & Tonkinese Cat Breeder - Queensland6 images
I've lived with cats all my life and loved every minute spent with them. They are a loving and fun companion and are a great comfort in times when you need a friend. Three years ago I decided to take ... read more
Breeder Bray Park - Burmese Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD5 images
Breeders of quality Burmese kittens for loving family homes. All our breeding cats have been tested for theBurmese genetic disorder Hypokalemia .
All our kittens are vet checked ,microchipped and ... read more
Cutekats Burmese - Burmese Cat Breeders Aust - Newcastle, NSW1 image
Cutekats cattery is a small cattery located just north of Newcastle. We breed good temperament and quality kittens. All our kittens are house reared and handled by children and socialise with other ... read more
Ducatti Cattery - Burmese Cat Breeders Aust - Central Coast, NSW11 images
I am a small registered Burmese Breeder situated between Hornsby and the Central Coast in NSW. My kittens are raised in my home and are beautiful, healthy and loving well adjusted kittens which is ... read more
Cleveland Cattery - Burmese Breeder - Alice Springs, Queensland1 image
Cleveland Burmese is located in Alice Springs, the centre of Australia, Liz has lived in alice for over 32 years and Scoot 24 years. We are both ACF judges, Liz being ACF International All Breeds ... read more
Natmac Burmese - Burmese Cats Kittens Registered Breeder - Perth, WA Western Australia6 images
Registered Breeders of High Quality Pedigree Burmese Kittens and Cats. We are small boutique breeders of the beautiful burmese cats. Our kittens are home reared, super; loving, beautiful, sweet, ... read more
Crossfire - Burmese Cat Breeders Australia - Queensland 2 images
All Crossfire kittens are raised with German Shepherds. Please call Judith Hayton on 0404 416 177 or (07) 41266177 with any enquiries or visit our website. read more
Myshan Cattery - Burmese Breeder, Cornish Rex Cat Breeder - Sydney, NSW1 image
Myshan is the home of many champion cats both bred and owned by me. Many of the cats I breed at Myshan have gone on to become champions and Best In Show winners with their new owners.

My name is ... read more
Kocicka - Burmese Cat Breeder - Geelong, Victoria6 images
I am a registered breeder with ANCATS (Australian National Cats INC) - Kocicka. Kocicka is a small boutique cattery specialising in Burmese Kittens. We pride ourselves on quality as opposed to ... read more
Killara Kittens - Burmese, British Shorthairs, Selkirk Rex, Oriental & Siamese Cat Breeders Australia - Victoria1 image
Killara, a hobby breeding cattery, is based in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia. I have been a registered breeder with the Feline Control Council Of Victoria Inc. since 1989. At Killara I breed ... read more
Bilwon Classy Cats - Registered Cat Breeder - Cairns, Queensland4 images
Breeding pedigree kittens as loving pets and family companions. My cattery is located west of Cairns on a lovely acreage. All kittens come desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. They also come ... read more
Mandalei - Burmese Cat Breeders - Adelaide, South Australia2 images
I chose to breed Burmese as I believe these outgoing, affectionate intelligent cats, with their soulful eyes and their knack of wrapping people around their little paws, to be the ultimate ... read more