Located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, Santara is dedicated to breeding quality, typey Birmans with affectionate, outgoing, well adjusted temperaments.

Santara specialises in red and cream colour points and is interested in further promoting the red series birmans. At the same time, seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, seal and blue tortoiseshell points are also an important part of the breeding programme. Both show and pet quality kittens are available at different times from September through to April. Breeding kittens and adults are only available to registered catteries. References are required.

All kittens are reared and socialised in the house as part of the family and are vaccinated and health certified from a veterinarian before sale at 12 weeks of age.

Birmans are a constant source of delight and entertainment for all ages. They have a special way of endearing themselves to you and love nothing more than to share your lap and your life. Mischievous, playful kittens grow into dignified adults who never lose that element of fun.

Birmans easily adapt to either the single person or family situation. They are not known to be verbally demonstrative but will certainly let you know if dinner is late.

Birman Kittens - Santara Birmans - Birman Breeders - Perth, Western Australia
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