We are just a small Kennel, mostly interested in the show ring rather than breeding but from time to time we do have a litter.
I have been active in the show ring for over 30 years now and my dogs have won many Major Awards. Starting off with Dalmatians, it has been an exciting journey and I have enjoyed every minute.

Our Papillions:
Papillons from this Kennel are doing very well in the Show ring around Australia. We are VERY proud of the quality of our pups and wish the owners of our pups success in the Show Ring. There are two varieties in this breed the down eared variety or Phalène and the up-eared variety or the Papillon. Both these varieties are seen through out Australia and in a number of Kennels.

We are trying very hard to bring the down eared variety back into favour as this type almost died out some time this was the original variety and our heritage this would have been a crime, so many of us are actively involved in breeding this variety back.

Our breed has many things in its favour, the small size, no doggy odour, easy to manage coat, intelligence. To name a few things.
If you think you are a person that would like to own one of these beautiful dogs from our kennel you will need to put your name on a waiting list as I do not breed often. We are more interested in the show ring and have been showing most week-ends for over 30years. Come along to a show, I'm happy to talk to you anytime..

** Please note no litters planned until 2022 **

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