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Orivet Genetic DNA testing offers services including screening of genetic diseases, coat colours, traits and parentage confirmation. Genetic testing includes breed identification, parentage verification, screening of breeding animals for genetic disease & traits. We also have a range of natural products include grooming, nutritional & cleaning products.

Visit our website and online store where breeders, pet owners or veterinarians have access to a wide range of genetic services.

Orivet Genetic Pet Care offers breeders and animal enthusiasts an extensive list of genetic services. Our Full Breed Profiles are tailored specifically for your breed - personalised genetic screening for your breed. Visit our website to create a secure account, getting access to registered user's pricing and the ability to personalise your animal's account - store health data and share specific information with selected individuals.

Pet Owners
Every Pet is a Truly Unique Individual and we help pet owners learn more about their pet's unique nature, behaviour and specific needs. Our personalised pet care programme uses genetics and evidence-based natural solutions to develop a genuine, deeper and lasting bond with your pet.

Vets: Add Genetics to Your Practice's Toolbox
Comprehensive range of DNA tests including disease screens, traits testing, DNA profiles and Breed Identification. Screen for disease and offer breeders extensive tools to manage their breeding programs.

Personalised Life Plans
Orivet's proprietary algorithm performs personalized genetic risk analysis helping veterinarians identify at-risk animals. Generate easy-to-follow customised wellness plans for pets based on their: genetic make up, breed, age, weight, sex, lifestyle, disease incidence, severity and mode of inheritance, using the latest medical literature.

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