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The Dogs that Made Australia:
Hunter. Worker. Legend. The untold story of the dog's role in building a nation.

Everyone knows Australia rode on the sheep's back. But do they know just how much those sheep depended on the dog? Working dogs made a huge contribution to the success of the Australian wool and beef industries. Indeed, they provided the means to feed a starving colony; guard fledgling colonial agricultural enterprises; and extend a sheep and beef industry that fed the world.

Never has Australia had a workforce that asked for so little and yet produced so much.

The Dogs That Made Australia is a vivid and meticulously researched history of Australia told through the story of the dingo, the dogs that were imported and bred here, and the humans who loved, feared and worked them.

' A highly readable book about Australia's dog heroes and their contribution to Australia's development. This is a book for the ages. I loved every page!' Tony Parsons, OAM, author of The Kelpie

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'A largely unknown history of early Australia and the dogs and their owners that made their mark on the new colony. Great read for all dog lovers.' Mick, Melbourne.

'Delighted to have this book to refer to - we had a much-loved Red Heeler for 13 .5 years. Reading this book enlightened us - can now see how many of his loveable traits and qualities were inbuilt.' Patience, Port Lincoln, SA.

'This should be on every school list for every primary school. It is a fantastic Australian history reference' Narelle Hammond, Secretary, Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW.

'I bought this book after listening to the author being interviewed, not usually a topic of interest for me but the personality of the author is woven through the book. Highly engaging and interesting.' Loo, NSW

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