PET NURTURE is a Unique Mobile Animal Wellness Centre. We offer safe and effective Canine & Feline Myofunctional and Low-Level Laser Therapy, Dog & Cat Training, Loving Pet Care services and top-quality Pet food, Supplements and Accessories. Through our specialist therapies and range of pet care services, we help your pets de-stress, move better, recover faster, live longer, be happier and because our service is mobile, your pet is cared for in the comfort & privacy of your home.

From pet sitting, cat minding, dog/cat walking to enrichment activities, cat training and vet visits, Pet Nurture is the mobile wellness centre that comes to your home. If you're away, you can relax knowing specialist care and attention is on hand.

Therapeutic treatment for dogs that integrates specialised remedial massage and stretching techniques. This massage treatment can restore normal function to the muscles, connective tissue and rejuvenates the circulation and lymphatic systems.

Feline Therapeutic massage is used to help treat stress and anxiety, musculature problems and specific health issues like spasms, muscle tightness, relief pain and aid rehabilitation as well as for general well-being, flexibility and relaxation.

Laser therapy used worldwide for treatment of numerous injuries in humans and animals. It's effective for Wound healing, Sprained/Strained ligaments, Soft tissue injuries, Pain relief and inflammation.

At Pet Nurture our aim is to help you understand why your cat is exhibiting a certain behaviour and address the problem using compassionate, Fear-Free and scientifically proven therapies.

Pet Nurture offers unique training services for cats including harness/leash training, cat nail clipping, recall training and clicker & target training.

Sydney-based Pet Nurture offers private, group and online classes that will help you understand your kitten and its natural behaviour, help you build a strong relationship through enrichment and training, prepare your kitten for adult life and set you both up for success!

If your cat is up for the challenge, we'll teach them a fun sport in which cats are enticed through timed obstacle courses. It is a great way to play and exercise and improves relationship with your feline companion.

Individualised door to door transportation for your loved animal companion either to the vet or groomer.

Top quality pet food, treats, supplements, beds and accessories available for dogs and cats. Discover the Pet Nurture difference by placing an order today at

We are a registered member of Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA) and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) Supporting Member. We also proudly give our time to numerous animal rescue events and festivals.

To learn more about PET NURTURE in Sydney, contact us on 0403 939 202

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