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Whether your dog or puppy needs training or you are struggling with ANY behaviour issue, our trainers will come to your home or wherever the issues are occurring and help you. We offer a caring and highly effective approach that creates profound changes to a dogs attitude and behaviour. Ask about our guarantee.

SitDropStay offers lifestyle based training that is focussed specifically on you and your dogs individual needs. Training a dog in its environment is both more realistic and allows the whole family to participate. We come to you (home, beach, park etc.) with a calm, caring and highly effective training system that constantly amazes our clients. Our trainers consistently fix problems and issues when other trainers and methods have been unsuccessful. You are teaching your dog how to behave every moment of the day, and you spend most of your time with them at home, therefore it makes sense to address your specific needs and issues at their source and that all training is tailored for your individual lifestyle. The belief that going to a dog training or obedience club on a Sunday morning and getting your dog to sit, drop or follow you around for treats or force will somehow change their behaviour at home or in everyday life is flawed, as many of our clients will tell you. We offer you much more than just dog training or obedience training. By helping you understand your communication and relationship with them we empower you to move from simply teaching mechanical actions for treats, to truly understanding them and having influence over them in any situation. Our results are guaranteed and we genuinely believe we are the best at what we do.

We have trainers in : Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast

Please visit our website for more information or send a message with any enquiries.

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