Challenged dogs'wellbeing optimisation specialist.

When having a special needs dogs home is more being a caregiver than just being a guardian, which not only may come with more stress and worry but also with overwhelm to fit it all in in your busy life, get some respite and peace of mind that your beloved dog is taken care of with tailored services and programmes to his/her specific needs.

Whether mobility or calm and confidence are an issue, we'll bring comfort and joy to your dog so that you see how happy s/he can be (again?).

Whole care for Superstars, because each pet is a Star in our life with Your Dog's Personal Wellness Coach. Helping your dog be the best s/he can be with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and building long lasting relationship with your treasured dog and you.

Come back home to a happy and content pooch and simply enjoy your dog's company without the daily stress and worry !

Contact us via email or Messenger to arrange an assessment of your needs and our suitable services for your dog.
Petminding at your home for the forseeable future.

Now service online available to guide you and your dog towards a thriving life you love and enjoy together as your dog gets calmer, more confident and comfortable and as you reach a state of relaxed human-happier dog connection and bond with a holistic approach including some healing. Message me for more details.

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