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Monvella is a Family run, hobby rabbitry located in the Tamar Valley Tasmania. We are passionate about the Mini lop & Netherland dwarf breeds. We are a show focused stud, we strive for improvement & believe there is always something new to learn. We have an interest in colour genetics & have achieved a rainbow of beautiful colours in our Rabbitry.

Our Bunnies are rasied in good hygene & on a nutritionally balanced diet. We raise all of our Bunnies with a lot of love & care, they are well socialised & handled/health checked daily.

On occasion some of our bunnies are offered to new homes at 10+ weeks of age. Sometimes we have an older bun who is ready for thier retirement. enquiries are always welcome. Our social media is regularly updated with photo/video to show how our bunnies are doing. I am available to chat online via Email or our social & happy to help potential new bunny owners decide if a bun is the right fit. I am also more than happy to chat with people who are interested in showing their bunnies, we would like to encorage new intrest in the hobby.

T's&C's do apply to 'adoptions' from us, we are only looking for the most lovely & long term homes. Our bunnies who leave as pets deserve to be treated as part of the Family, vaccinated & desexed for long term health.

Pet bunnies come
Breeder health checked
Clean & tidy with nails clipped
mite/Flea treated & wormed
Transitional food pack
Basic care information
ongoing communication online

Rabbits sold to approved studs only will come with the above + Petigree papers & any other relevant info.

**We are a closed Rabbitry**
This means that for Bio-Security & the comfort of our bunnies we don't allow visitors. You can rest assured that we strive to create a low stress environment for our buns & limit any chances of potential cross contamination, which is beneficial for everyone.

We can work with interstate transport - we can lodge onto flights or meet with road transport companies who come to/from Tasmania.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions :) Have a Hoppy Day x

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Are you currently a member of an approved rabbit show/hopping club? If yes, which one/s?
We are members of RBAT & ANRCI Registered prefix Monevlla
Question. Do you health test appropriately? Eg:- no discharge from eyes, nose, mouth, ears, bottom area, active, eating, and drinking well and healthy.?
We thoroughly check over our bunnies before they leave our rabbitry, including checking to make sure that their front teeth are correctly aligned. Our bunnies leave us clean, well groomed & to the absolute best of our knowledge in perfect health. We always reccomend taking your bunny for a general health check & their FILAVAC vaccination at 10-12 weeks of age with a Rabbit Savvy Vet ♡
Question. Do you take all precautions to reduce the risk of contraction of calicci virus and/or myxomatosis eg:- fly wired all hutches, minimising the risk of mosquitoes and insects into your rabbitry?
Our bunnies are kept indoors for maximum protection against virus, predators & the elements. We run a closed Rabbitry & take precautions towards Bio-security very seriously ♡
Question. Do you lice/mite/worm/flea treat and trim nails of all rabbits before selling?
Question. Do you sell your babies at 8 weeks and over as recommended?
Question. Do you offer a care information sheet and ongoing support to new owners?
We provide our 'Basic Care info' via Email to all of our lovely new bun fams. This covers the basics on subjects such as transport, diet, litter training, vet/desexing, keeping more than 1 bunny, grooming, general health/common illness to look out for, etc. We want everyone to feel confident with their decision to commit to the responsibilities of owning a bunny & to feel well prepared to care for their new companion, our aim is to place our bunnies with their forever homes. We are also always available by Email after our bunnies leave & make sure that our Bun Fams know this ♡
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Question. Do you discuss care, desexing, housing issues when selling your rabbits?
I offer my time online to help educate potential new bunny owners of the benifits of having their bunny spayed/nutered, as well as the benifits of setting bunny up with a safe, secure home base where they may be allowed to free roam when suitable. I take as much time as needed to answer all questions. We also have Terms & Conditions for adoption which cover care responsibilities & an agreement that our bunnies adopted by Pet only homes will not be used as breeding stock ♡

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