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Address: Exeter, NSW
Phone: 0488-348-223

Mobile Equine Vets is an equine and small animal mobile veterinary service based in the Southern Highlands. Dr Gelderman has over 35 years' experience as a Equine and small animal Veterinarian and is well-skilled and well-versed in all aspects of routine (as well as the not so routine) Veterinary care.

He is passionate about helping horses as well as dogs and cats to live long, health and happy lives.

Available whether you need a routine home visit for small animal vaccination, an annual health check, nail trimming or a complex medical case.

From an Equine perspective, he has everything that you might need from ultrasound to mobile x-ray.

Dr Gelderman is also honorary Vet for Donkey Welfare With Heart and happy to do pro-bono work for donkeys, horses, dogs and cats that need it in Southern Highlands.

Contact us on the number below or see our website for our full range of services.
Horses, donkeys, dogs and cats are the species I LOVE to work with

Veterinarian, Vets near me in Exeter, NSW
Veterinarian, Vets near me, Mobile Vet in Exeter, NSW
Phone: 0488-348-223