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The French Bulldog Club of NSW was founded in 1983 and the first French Bulldog Club to be established in Australia. The club promotes health and welfare of the breed first and foremost. A voluntary organisation affiliated with Dogs NSW, it tries to offer a range of services, advice and support on health, breed direction, rescue, buying a puppy and breed care. The French Bulldog Club of NSW also holds three Specialty shows a year. The club offers exhibitors the opportunity of showing their dogs under some of the leading international breed judges in the world. The French Bulldog Club of NSW is also very proud in leading the way with the French Bulldog Health Scheme, which is reported on each year.

FAQ's about French Bulldogs :
In light of the recent burst in popularity of our precious French Bulldogs, there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice out there which must be confusing for the public when enquiring about bringing a Frenchie into their lives.

The French Bulldog Club of NSW has seen the concerns and queries that are being raised by the public due to the influx of French Bulldog social media pages. The French Bulldog Club of NSW has drawn on it's many, many years of experience and expertise and has put together some FAQ's here - FAQ

Please see our website for more information.

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