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Dogs are great company, they are affectionate and give us unconditional love.  For children, a pet dog or puppy can help to develop social and nurturing skills and teach them responsibility.  As well as making sure your dog has enough company and exercise, caring for a pet dog requires that you understand potential health problems, provide nutritious dog food, and ensure proper puppy training or obedience training. 


All of these things will vary depending on the age, breed and temperament of your dog.   It's important that you research different dog breeds to see what sort of dog will suit your home environment and  lifestyle.   Many dogs end up in Pet Rescue Centres because their long term needs were not properly understood.   Puppies are alot of work and do not stay puppies for long.   Big and energetic dogs also have exercise and training needs that must be adequately taken care of.  You should also find out about any potential genetic problems that might occur in the breed you're interested in.   Responsible breeders will be aware of and test for genetic issues, as well as providing relevant certificates.  Make sure you do your research and ask questions.  


Tips about Dog Training, Puppy Training and Puppy Socialisation



Make sure your puppy gets to socialise with other dogs from a young age so that he or she knows how to play and relate well to other dogs. You should also find out where your nearest 'puppy preschool' is.  They are often held at vet clinics.  Watch this fantastic video about dog and puppy training and how to socialise your puppy. 


Dogs & Puppies Need Company & Socialisation

Dogs and puppies need the love and company of their family and other dogs.  Dogs are pack animals and can become unhappy, destructive and develop bad habits if left alone regularly and for long periods.  It's estimated that nearly 1 in 4 dogs is left alone for 8-12+ hours every day, and of those 39% have no other animals to keep them company either.  If your dog is often left alone for more than four hours a day, it's important you spend quality time with them when you are home.  Give them some toys to keep them entertained, like the kong dog toys which dogs love. A large raw marrow bone to chew is like heaven for a dog, stuff hollow (indestructible) toys (like the kong) with food, or freeze some treats in a large block of ice. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, speak to your vet or an animal behaviour specialist. Think about a second dog for company, doggy daycare or contact a dog walking business who can collect and walk your dog for you .


Feed your Puppy or Dog a Balanced Diet

Too much, too little, or a poor quality dog food can cause health problems. Don't feed cooked bones to your dog, and familiarise yourself with human foods that dogs can't eat.   Make sure your dog always has clean water in a container that they can't tip or knock over.  


Veterinary Care

Ensure that your puppy or dog is vaccinated and appropriately treated for fleas and worms.  Preventative veterinary care is important, particularly with young puppies that are vulnerable to disease.  In some areas regular treatment for parasites like ticks is needed, and as dogs age some suffer from conditions like arthritis that can be significantly relieved with the help and advice of your local vet or animal health specialist. 


Going Away?

Care for your dog properly when on holidays.  Options include pet sitters that can come to your home, dog kennels and pet hotels and resorts.   If you don't want to leave your dog behind there are businesses that focus on holidaying with dogs, and an increasing number of places that offer pet friendly accommodation


Dogs in Cars

Keep your dog safe in the car.  If you travel with your dog you can buy a dog car seat or a dog car harness  to make sure they're secure.   Don't ever leave your dog in the car if it's even remotely possible they could get heat stressed. Even in mild weather cars can heat up quickly, especially if windows are closed. 


Adopt a Puppy or Dog?

Find dogs and puppies for sale and adoption and check our list of Dog Rescue Groups for dog adoptions and Pet Rescue Agencies Australia wide. Pet Rescue groups often have puppies for adoption as well as adult dogs.





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