Dr Richard Malik

Richard Malik - Veterinarian & Feline Expert


Richard Malik is a one of the world’s most respected and well known feline veterinarians. He is passionate about all aspects of feline medicine, and has a special focus on treating common diseases using new therapeutic regimens. 


Richard works for the Centre for Veterinary Education where he facilitates feline distance education programs and develops life-long learning strategies for vets in practice.  He is a consultant in small animal medicine and has a special interest in infectious diseases of companion animals.



Dr Malik is also involved in a large number of collaborative research projects in both pure and applied research, typically in collaboration with academic staff in the Veterinary Science Faculty.


His current research areas include genetic diseases of cats and dogs, infectious diseases of cats and dogs, parasitic diseases of cats and dogs. More specifically, he is a world authority on mycobacterial diseases, fungal diseases including cryptococcosis, antibacterial and antifungal drug therapy and neural angiostrongliasis.