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This pure bred Netherland Dwarf doe is looking for a good home.

Netherland Dwarf Chocolate Self Doe $80
DOB: Jan 2022

She was my brood doe, had a few beautiful litters. She is timid, a bit scared of being picked up, but stays calm in a secure cuddle.

Will leave with nails clipped, a small bag of transitional pellets and care guide.

To see more photos and videos, please visit my FB page:
Sarah's Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Pick up in Kellyville, NSW, 2155

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Are you currently a member of an approved rabbit show/hopping club? If yes, which one/s?
Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW, Rabbit Fanciers Society of NSW. I'm a member of their FB groups, keep an eye on their posts and visit some of their rabbit shows to gain knowledge and experiences from the judge and other breeders, but I'm not a financial member now (pay a yearly fee to be a member), as I'm too busy to exhibit and attend shows regularly.
Question. Do you health test appropriately? Eg:- no discharge from eyes, nose, mouth, ears, bottom area, active, eating, and drinking well and healthy.?
As a Netherland Dwarf breeder for a few years, I can identify common health issues of the rabbits.
Question. Do you take all precautions to reduce the risk of contraction of calicci virus and/or myxomatosis eg:- fly wired all hutches, minimising the risk of mosquitoes and insects into your rabbitry?
I keep my rabbits indoors, all cages are covered by custom made mosquito net.
Question. Do you lice/mite/worm/flea treat and trim nails of all rabbits before selling?
Question. Do you sell your babies at 8 weeks and over as recommended?
Question. Do you offer a care information sheet and ongoing support to new owners?
I provide a detailed rabbit care guide and after sale support.
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Question. Do you discuss care, desexing, housing issues when selling your rabbits?
I provide a detailed rabbit care guide and half-an-hour talk discussing care, desexing and housing issues at pick-up.
Health Tested
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