Why use Perfect Pets?

Our site provides the quickest and easiest way to find everything to do with pets in Australia.  We offer a range of ways to find all types of pets, quality breeders, pet related businesses and services, shelter and rescue groups, and pet clubs and organisations. 


Statistics as of February 2018:  Total profile views: 3,201,290; Total listing views: 436,873


Perfect pets is a quality site that has been designed to promote ethical and honest interactions, so that visitors, members, and the animals we love are better protected.   






  A site for Pet Lovers Australia wide 

When you use this site or become a member, you join a community of like-minded pet lovers, breeders and pet related businesses and services that you can communicate with safely and easily.


  Our Site Delivers Results  

Whether you are using the site to advertise or search, our site will provide extensive exposure and access to the vast network of pet lovers and all things relating to pets.  Our web team, with more than 10 years experience in internet marketing and research, have developed the site to ensure that it's optimised at every level to achieve the best results.


  Animal Welfare is a Priority 

Our verification process is just one of the ways that will help to ensure that many of the issues and problems that are facilitated by online and regular classifieds are avoided (eg. scammers and puppy farming).


  Nationwide Database 

Our database lists breeders, services and other pet related businesses Australia-wide.


  We're Here For You With Great Customer Service & Support 

We're based in Australia and take great pride in offering prompt and friendly customer service.  Please contact us with any enquiries and we will endeavour to answer as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our IT team are very talented and experienced, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience any technical difficulties.


  Great Intentions  As well as connecting pet lovers and encouraging kind and responsible pet ownership, one of our primary aims at Perfect Pets is to generate funds to support Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation projects.


  Integrity  Perfect Pets is founded and developed by animal lovers and we strive to ensure that our site supports and encourages care and respect for all animals.  We are experienced and recognised for online efforts that have supported animal welfare and conservation projects worldwide. Find out more about Perfect Pets company background and goals...



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