Advice when you're looking for a pet

When thinking seriously about buying a pet you should feel 100% comfortable with who you are dealing with.  Pets should be coming from good homes, breeders or kennels, where conditions are clean, and the animals are well cared for and happy.   As Perfect Pets cannot visit and assess all advertisers, we ask that you use common sense.  If advertisers will not let you visit where the animal lives, meet the parents, and/or if the conditions are worrying, you should not proceed.  If you are told something that sounds too good to be true - it probably is, so trust your instincts. 


If anything is worrying about the conditions or you suspect an advertiser is involved in puppy farming (or equivalent eg. kitten farming), please contact us, their veterinary practice (if possible), and the appropriate authorities in your area (eg. RSPCA, Local Council) .



Choosing the right pet and breed

Please refer to all of the information provided on our site to find your perfect pet.  See choosing a pet for and the care advice for different types of pets, and even data on the dog breeds most likely to be dumped or surrendered to shelters like the RSPCA.  It’s important that you know exactly what your pet’s specific requirements are and that you are confident you can provide a good home before you decide to take on a pet of any type.  Pets listed on the site have details about their age, sex, a description, and usually a photo.  The advertiser will also often have a link to a profile, or other listings - particularly if they are a breeder, or shelter advertising pets for adoption. 



Choosing the right breeder, service or product - Profile Pages

Profile pages allow members and advertisers to provide a description about themselves, as well as contact details and a link to their website if they have one.  If they offer a range of services or products for a number of different pets and/or breeds, this information is also available on the profile page. 


See information about finding a good breeder here..