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british shorthair

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Breeders of quality British Shorthair Kittens in the Sydney area. Specialising in Solid Blue, Lilac, Occasionally Tortie & Cream

Kalame Cattery - British Shorthair breeder - Geelong, VIC3 images
Established in 1989 Kalame Cattery situated on a 3 1/2 acre property in Bannockburn is only 20 minutes from Geelong on the Midland highway in Victoria Australia.

Registered with the governing ... read more
Jessicaz - Scottish Folds & British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Shepparton, Victoria  4 images
We have been breeding our beautiful Scottish Folds and Shorthairs for 14 years now. Having won numerous Best in Shows and Supreme In Shows. Winning Breeder of the Year in both Vic and NSW. We have ... read more
Keleen Cattery - British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Armidale, NSW2 images
We are breeders of Beautiful Registered British Cats. They are registered with the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. We have selectively bred for type and temperament. We have been breeding cats for 40 ... read more
Sixribbons Cats - Scottish Fold & British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Queensland5 images
I am a registered cat breeder with QICC in S.E. Qld. I am a small breeder of the popular British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cat breeds, breeding for quality, calm temperament and good size. I am ... read more
Belarley - British Shorthair Breeder - Cherry Gardens, SA1 image
My name is Suzy and I am a registered hobby breeder of the gorgeous British Shorthair. We have bred some super kittens and a few have gone on to do well on the show bench in several states and ... read more
Fluffyfolds Cattery - British Shorthair Breeder - Melbourne, VIC5 images
Fluffyfolds kittens are well known for their fuss free temperaments and laid back nature's. Handled by children and good with other cats and dogs.

Breeders for over 15 years. Breeder (registered) ... read more