Despite their appearance Podengos are not a crossbreed but rather a very old pure breed from Portugal. The breed is healthy, low maintenance and active without being over the top.

Being up to 30cm tall they are a small dog with a big heart who love attention, are very playful and easy to keep, which makes them a perfect new family member. They are happy little dogs who really love spending time in your company, so are the perfect companion, especially for children.

Healthwise the breed is fortunate to have very few issues and they live up to 16 years of age. They are not suitable for apartment living.

My puppies are raised in an ordinary household environment, so are exposed to noises, like the television, vacuum cleaner and leaf blower.
All my puppies are wormed regularly, vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked and registered with Dogs NSW.

My puppies are reasonably priced as I am more interested in placing them in loving family homes than charging ridiculously high prices.

Any questions relating to my small smooth Podengos and future planned litters are welcome.

DOGS NSW Member 2000368510.

Portugese Podengo Puppies - Zurk - Portugese Podengo breeder, NSW
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