Westies are in high demand in Tasmania and as such the demand exceeds supply. If you want a pup you need to speak to the breeders and get on waiting lists. It is not often you can secure a pup when you want one. Most breeders are very choosy in who their pups go to.. so you can also expect to be questioned and not guaranteed anything. Prices depend on the breeder and that should be discussed with them (expect to pay 2500 upwards). Be wary of advertisements for pups as they DO NOT NEED TO BE ADVERTISED.

Mainland puppy farms sometimes advertise in newspapers and on gumtree and marketplace. BE WARY.. reports from people caught indicate loss of money and or a sickly puppy if you get one. Registered breeders breed for the betterment of the breed. Be wary of backyard breeders and unethical breeders that offer no backup. Some people will buy from registered breeders on the mainland. There are many good breeders that will assist with puppies delivery to here. ..but ask lots of questions and get to know your breeder and ask for lots of progressive photos. If you still decide to go ahead, We do not provide breeder references.. but a breeder list of breeders within our group can be obtained by emailing us only DO NOT PHONE.

Rescue Dogs are not common in Tasmania. We have a rescue group but there is a long waiting list and adoption applications MUST meet strict criteria. There are no guarantees. We work for the consideration of the dog not the human wanting one.

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