At Warbo Cattery we breed beautiful Burmese kittens true to the breed standard. Burmese are born with attitude and grow up to be the most wonderful family pets. As adults, Burmese are confident, intelligent, friendly, outgoing and love to be around people. They can also be laid back and very devoted to their owner. I know that you will be making the right choice when you add one of the happiest and sensual felines to your home. I have been breeding for 40 yrs and I have never had one returned yet! Burmese come in 10 colours. I usually have all of the colours throughout the year. The expected colours for the July kittens are Cream, Blue, Chocolate and the same colours can be torties as well.

I am now taking kitten bookings for 2019. Please email me and I will explain how this works. Some of the kittens have already been booked for the July litters.

There are also some runs available for boarders to use throughout the year especially catering for long term boarding and relocating.

I have been breeding Burmese for 40 years and I am a registered breeder. My cats are registered with ANCATS ms/#467 and ACT Animal Services in
conjunction with my ACT Breeders License.

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