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TBV is a not for profit Association representing Victorian Thoroughbred Breeders. Established to promote and advance the interests of the thoroughbred and its breeders TBV fosters a unified approach in promoting the industry and Victorian bred horses both locally, nationally and internationally.

Please see our website for the Bureau of Animal Welfare (Attwood) Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses which is intended to provide an outline of the principles of husbandry and management that most affect the welfare of horses. It emphasises the importance of good horsemanship, pointing out that persons in charge have a legal liability to care for horses under their control. This implies knowledge of the basic behavioural and physical needs of horses, irrespective of the intensity of husbandry. Persons responsible for the welfare of horses should acquire maximum possible expertise, because the wellbeing and usefulness of horses depend on the skill and attitude of the individuals who manage them. Assistance or advice on management of horses can be obtained from veterinarians or other qualified advisers.

Agistment & Stabling in Flemington, Melbourne, VIC
Horse & Pony Breeders in Flemington, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: (03) 9258 4233