The Pug Club of South Australia aims to represent the Pug community and its interests in SA. Membership of this club is welcomed from anyone with an interest in the Pug breed who is willing to abide by the constitution of the club and add their support to the promotion of this breed in South Australia.

Membership entitlements include, a quarterly newsletter, indicating the up and coming events, meetings dates, fun days and other useful information regarding the health and well being of our 'snoring friends'.

The Pug Club of South Australia aims to :
- Promote public awareness, interest and appreciation of Pugs
- Provide clear education about and maintenance of standards concerning Pugs, consistent with SACA's requirements
- Provide well organised and enjoyable Championships, Shows and Fun Days to give opportunities for breeders, owners, and dogs to compete and interact positively
- Publicise Pug matters and information to the Pug community
- Provide proper forums for debate, discussion and complaint resolution within the Pug community


Pugs are very special and require extra special attention and care. It is important that you avoid "backyard" breeders and only look for a puppy from a registered breeder. This will help ensure that your puppy has good breeding lines, good health and is properly socialised.

Below is an extract from our controlling body's (South Australian Canine Association-S.A.C.A.) website. It describes the benefit of purchasing a Purebred dog and why you should look into getting a puppy from a registered Breeder.

When you decide to add a new member to your household it is important to spend quite some time researching for the most suitable breed of dog for your situation. Many dogs become a 'nuisance' due to insufficient research in determining suitable size, temperament, coat type and exercise requirements.

Some owners for example, may choose a breed from a picture book only to discover their handsome Weimaraner or playful Dalmatian requires many more hours of exercise that can ever be provided or their small garden is being destroyed by a very bored and very energetic Australian Kelpie.

Purebred or Crossbred
When you buy a purebred dog from a registered breeder you will know the size, temperament, coat type and appearance of the adult dog. You will also know the exercise requirements, activity level, feeding requirements and be able to research the breed through books, internet or club information.

The registered breeders will also screen their breeding stock for any hereditary diseases known to affect the breed.

To buy a crossbred puppy is not recommended as their adult appearance, size, temperament or any other characteristics cannot be determined. Usually no testing procedures for hereditary diseases are carried out for crossbred dogs.

Buy from a Registered Breeder
A registered breeder will assess your suitability to own their breed of dog and will answer any questions you may have regarding feeding, housing or training requirements.

A registered breeder is also able to provide a Certificate of Registration and Pedigree for your dog should you wish to exhibit your dog at shows or compete in any of the trialing activities.

Registered breeders are bound by the SACA Code of Ethics.

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