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We are a 100% Australian owned producer of animal health supplements dedicated to the needs of the modern pet lover and their beloved companions. At Sustenhance, we're committed to providing for people who know how to care for their animals.

We understand that like humans, our companions' nutritional requirements are often not satisfied by standard dietary regimes. Accordingly, our products are formulated by an experienced team of vets and nutritionists who understand not just what is required in animal diets but what is often missing. We source an array of unique ingredients globally in order to satisfy these unique dietary needs.

For more information regarding our range of unique supplements, please visit our products page on the Sustenhance site. If you require a retailer in your area, please visit our retailer's page to find a store near you.

- Developed by vets and nutritionists
- For general health, vitality and performance
- Unique ingredients that matter

Sustenhance is owned by BEC Feed Solutions, a leading supplier of animal nutrition specializing in innovative feed additives and commodities. BEC is an Australian owned company with over 25 years experience in animal nutrition. We have a well honed capacity for ensuring health and performance in animals.

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Phone: 07 3723 9855
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