We are a small select cattery in Newcastle NSW, breeding Burmese cats for loving indoor homes. Our beautiful cats have excellent pedigreed lines, good health, loving and affectionate temperaments.

Sukimah is a small cattery located at Garden Suburb, in Newcastle NSW, about 13 kms from the coast. We have been proud owners of Burmese cats since 1983. Since 1985, as members of The Burmese Cat Society of Australasia Inc and the NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc. we have shown our cats at various pedigreed cat shows, where they have done well over the years.

To enable our knowledge of feline health and issues to expand, Sue has attended every one of the annual Feline Health Seminars held in Sydney, which were sponsored by The Rex Cat Club. Every November the seminar was held, with expert speakers attending to provide the latest updates on matters such as feline flu, cattery management, feline reproductive information, answers to questions from the floor, together with a host of other information. These seminars ceased, in recent years, however, our reading and researching cat articles on health, genetics etc is ongoing. Latest news** Sydney Fancy Felines Club undertook a health seminar in Kogarah NSW in November, 2019 which was very informative. Sue attended this seminar.

Our queens and studs are tested for hypokalaemia, and gangliocidosis to ensure that they are sound in health. You will not be sold a kitten with hypokalaemia by Sukimah Cattery.

We strive to produce the best breed quality and health in our kittens, and to ensure the emotional and physical wellbeing of them, so that at the time of relocating to their new indoor only homes, our kittens are well adjusted, intelligent, playful, loving and lively pets, qualities for which this breed is known. Genetic diversity to further promote strong and vigorous health in our cats is also an aim.

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