Snuffle Mats Australia : What is a Snuffle mat? It is a tool used to provide your dog with mental enrichment. Dogs need mental exercise as well was physical exercise.

How is the mat used? Sprinkle dry food or treats onto the mat. Your dog will then use its brain and nose to find and sniff out the food.

The benefits of using a Snuffle mat include:-

* by using the mat you help to calm your dog as they sniff around to find the food the sniffing has a calming effect on your dog
* your dog will have to work for its food. It is like a puzzle.
* using the mat slows down speedy eaters, which is much better for your dog.
* great for dogs on restricted physical exercise due to illness, injury or age.
* fantastic for all breeds of dogs and cats too!
* each mat is custom made, you pick the design and colours on your mat.

Each mat costs $60. Mats can be posted anywhere in Australia for $20.

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