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Treat yourself to a wonderful Siamese Kitten or two. If you have already owned one or more of this character breed you will know how loving and loyal they are with loads of personality and boundless energy. One of their endearing traits is being able to hold a conversation with you and the more you interact with them the more they will respond.

The Siamese are no wall flowers, as they want to be involved in everything you do. Don't think you have a favorite chair of your own, as the minute you sit, they think the act is purely for their benefit. A lap or two is very inviting and warm to cuddle into. Siamese cats have been gracing our homes for thousands of years and any good book store will have a variety of information on the breed if you so desire. Their body shape has been genetically modified over the years but basically their traits have remained their wonderful self. No more high set ears grace their regal heads.

My babies are litter trained at approximately 4 to 5 weeks, up to that time their mother takes care of everything. My girls and their children are house reared and are used to all the household noises as well as a dog. My kittens are definitely indoor cats as there are too many dangers outside for them to cope with and for their protection as well as the wildlife. The babies are vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks and wormed on these dates as well. If they are still with me at 16 weeks, the same protocol applies with vaccination and worming. The kittens are fully vaccinated by 16 weeks and then they need to be done yearly. Worming every 3 months after 16 weeks, for life. They are micro chipped at 12 weeks and of course are vet checked for health each time. My babies are humanized before they leave home so transition to their new home is easy. Kittens come with an information chart, copy of micro chip form and registration with the relevant body, vaccination certificate and details of worming, registration and pedigree certificate from Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc who I am registered with.

Owners can phone me at any stage for advice and I love updates and photos on the progress of the kitten/kittens. I can arrange transport if necessary for out of Brisbane clients. For clients in the Brisbane surrounds or further afield, viewing of kittens and parents are welcome. For clients who have never experienced the joy of owning one or two of these beautiful souls, the immense joy awaits you. I breed the 4 main colours that Siamese produce - Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.

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Phone: (07) 34962703
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