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Registration: DOGS TAS 7100003274;
Prefix: Saxten
Location:Havenview, Burnie, TAS
Phone: 03 64331844

As breeders, we strive to improve every time we breed, every mating is carefully thought through .As far as is possible we research the ancestry of the dogs in a effort to eliminate faults." The Standard " always remains our ultimate guide.

We enjoy showing our Pugs, and over the years have achieved a measure of success with a number of Best in Show, All Breeds, Speciality Shows winners & by also by winning Best of Breed & or Challenge at major shows including the Royal Queensland Show, Toowoomba Royal, Sydney Royal, Perth Royal, Hobart Royal & the Launceston Royal.

Our kennel has now found fame overseas with Champions in the USA, India & Malyasia, thanks to those owners for showing our Pugs to the rest of the world.

Enquiries are always welcome.

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Pug Puppies - Saxten Pugs - Pug Breeder, Tasmania
Phone: 03 64331844
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