Rislani is a small cattery based in Gippsland Victoria and has been operating since August 2006. Our love for the Siamese cat started thanks to a Seal Point Siamese by the name of Fabio.

We are proudly registered with The Governing Council of Victoria & Australia Inc (GCCFV) (Member numbers: 2141 & 2142) and attend as many GCCFV and GCCFV Affiliate Club run shows as we possibly can.

We also endeavour to enter as many Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATs) shows as possible, however these are rather limited as ANCATs do not operate many Victorian shows at this time. We do hope this may change and there will be more ANCATs shows in Victoria in the future.

Please be aware: If we have a cat due to give birth, or have family committments, we will not be attending shows run on these dates If you are wishing to meet up with us at a show, please contact us via the Contact Us portion of this page, or via private message on our Facebook page to confirm whether or not we will be attending the show you will be at.


Originally, when we became registered breeders, we simply aimed to breed healthy well-adjusted kittens that would become the type of pet we experienced ourselves with Fabio.

However, as time drew on we made the decision to move into specialising in older style Siamese. As traditional, or applehead Siamese are quite uncommon, and we are using modern lines, our progression to older style siamese is still very much a work in progress. However, as time goes by we are getting more and more litters with more older styled babies in them.

At this time, we are breeding cats that are about halfway in-between the current modern siames/oriental and old style.

Please note: We breed only solid colours in both Siamese & Orientals. We do not have any tabby (linx) or bi-colour litters.

Colours currently bred by us include:

Seal Point
Chocolate Point
Blue Point
Lilac Point
Cinnamon Point
Fawn Point
Black (Ebony)
Chocolate (Havana)

All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) shortly after their arrival at Rislani.

At present we are using UC Davis Veterinary Medicine in the USA or Orivet to perform these DNA tests.


In 2018, we decided to add Devon Rex into our breeding program, we are currently waiting for the perfect Devon Rex to be born so we can commence breeding Devon Rex.

To begin with, we will not be looking to house our own Devon Rex stud, and will be relying on stud service with local breeders we trust with the health and welfare of our girl while she is on her "honeymoon" at their place.

We do not intend on being a huge Devon Rex breeder, nor do we expect many Devon Rex litters per year as at this time we have no plans to add additional breeding girls to our breeding program. Therefore, as with our Siamese & Oriental breeding program, there will be a waiting list for kittens and it could take some time for us to be able to breed the kitten of your desired sex and/or colour.

Until we know the colour of our first Devon Rex girl, and determine which stud will be used for our first litter, we cannot advise what colours of Devon Rex we will be breeding - however we will be endeavouring to specialise in breeding pointed Devon Rex.

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