Breeding happy, healthy and hardy AUSTRALIAN Miniature Goats with outstanding conformation and temperament.

Our kids are dam raised to give them the best start in life, we love to watch our mum's and bubs doing what comes naturally, does make the most wonderful nurturing mothers and usually kid with few problems giving birth to one, two or three kids. Our kids are sold around 10 weeks old when they are ready to be weaned, the ones we decide to keep stay in family groups with their mum, grandmothers, aunts and cousin's as they would do in the wild.

All of our kids are friendly as they are born in a kidding shed not in paddocks where we can monitor a safe birth away from predators. While mum is bonding with her new bub/bubs we are interacting with them to get them used to human interaction. Once bonding between mum and us has been established they then go with mum into a small nursery paddock where they stay for 6/8 weeks, they will be safe and we can play with them and they can play with other kids on the mini play ground.

Our goals are to improve the breed by keeping sound confirmation, gentle friendly temperaments while reducing the heights. Each year our goats improve in quality and we are always on the lookout for new bloodlines to introduce into our herd to add strength and genetic quality. We work very hard to ensure all our goats are living healthy, happy lives. Our herd is made up of some show winning goats including the multiple show winning Buck 'Bally Park Rebel', co-owned with Addorable mini goats and the smallest height verified PURE BRED buck in Australia.

Early in 2015 our Doe Brythy Park Millie was awarded the permanent title of AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION


Farm Animal Breeders in Marong, Bendigo, VIC
Phone: 0403 866 751
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