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Here at Prima Classe Cane Corso's it is our goal to aid in the preservation of this rare and noble breed through a breeding program designed to promote overall health, stable temperament and appearance as stated by the FCI standard, We feel each is equally important. Through selective breeding we hope to increase the number of exceptional specimens of the breed, using dogs from proven lines.

All of our dogs are valued members of the family. The dogs are almost never without human interaction, We are located on 50 acres in Guilderton (90 kms north of Perth CBD)

We breed strictly to the Italian standard (FCI Standard). This is the standard set by and used in Italy and 79 other countries in the world. These are Italian Mastiffs. That is precisely why we avidly & proudly use the FCI Italian standard as our blueprint.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

*Puppies are only sold to successful applicants*

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