We provide a range of dog insurance and cat insurance options for pets all around Australia. We are proud supporters of many community rescue organisations around Australia - and we offer rescue pets a 10% discount for as long as they continuously hold a policy.

Pet insurance for dogs and puppies:
Being a responsible pet owner means taking care of all our pet's needs; and most importantly, their health. You can now have the security of knowing that your vet bills can be taken of, so you can give your dog the care he deserves throughout his life. Chronic conditions are covered, and there's no excess to pay.

Pet insurance for cats and kittens:
Cats can be independent. But they still get ill or injured and need vet care. With pet insurance that helps take care of the vet's bills you can be certain that you can always give your felines the care they deserve - even if they live to 20! Premiums are highly competitive, and cover is renewable for life.

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