If you have a dog grooming salon or you are a pet therapist, if you teach dog training or provide holiday accommodation for your client's beloved dogs, if you are paid to live in peoples' homes or any pet service business - Vanessa gets you and your clients!

Ever been to business coaching or training where the facilitator just does not get your clients, your market, how you trade or even what you do?

Did you start your business because you are passionate about your animals and spending more time with your family, but now the business is taking all your time, and worse, not giving you back as much as it should?

Are you at that scary tipping point of going from a "hobby" to a real business and feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Vanessa is here to offer you mentoring and coaching services to help you develop your business to be the best it can be, and most importantly give you back the balance you were seeking when you started it in the first place.


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Education & Information, Pet Advice in QLD
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