Looking For A Pedigree Chihuahua For You & Your Family? Look no further! We specialise in the breeding and care of Chihuahuas. We are very passionate about our puppies. They are not just our pets - they're our family, too!

We screen every potential puppy owner and endeavour to make sure that not only is the puppy a perfect fit for your household - but you're a perfect fit for them as well!

We are a fully qualified, 100% registered Australian Owned Business, that specialises in the care & breeding of Pedigree "Smooth Coat" Chihuahuas.

We have been breeding Chihuahuas for a number of years, and are strong animal advocates against backyard breeders. If you're looking for a pedigree Chihuahua for your own home, then look no further than PequeñoChi Chihuahuas where we will cater for all your Chihuahua puppy adoption needs.

Chihuahua Puppies - PequenoChi - Chihuahua Breeder - Cairns, QLD
Phone: 0434368255
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