We have been involved with the Lagotto Romagnolo breed since 2008. Our lines are based on the amazing dogs that we have been so fortunate to import from overseas. We are also thankful for the co-operation between breeders here in Australia.

We strive to achieve fantastic temperaments and beautifully constructed dogs from thoroughly health-tested parents. All of our dogs enjoy living with us as members of the family, some are show dogs, as Jordan enjoys participating in conformation shows. Puppies are born and raised with full-time love and care in our homes.

Parity is a mother and daughter team, Janelle and Jordy. We are located in both NSW and SA.

Please visit our website and other social media for more information about us and our dogs. We advise that you do plenty of research about the breed and determine if it may be right for you. The Lagotto is a working breed - although they look like teddy bears, they are not suitable for everyone. They are the best breed imaginable if you are the right fit for a Lagotto.

We don't keep a waiting list anymore as it is often outdated by the time we have a litter on the way. Upcoming litters will be announced on our Facebook page and our website, so please keep an eye on those if you are interested, and fill in the EOI form that will become available at that time.

Our next litter is being planned and will hopefully be towards the end of 2020.

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