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Do you want a cat that's different than the rest? Then get a cheetoh! We were the 1st authorised registered (founding) breeder in Australia to breed the Cheetoh cat. We first saw the Cheetoh on CATS 101 discovery channel and just fell in love with them. After much investigation we managed to start up the first official registered Cheetoh cat breeding program in Australia. All of our animals are raised around our children.

About Cheetohs:
Whilst incorporating distinctive characteristics of both the Ocicat and Bengal, the Cheetoh Cat has its own attributes and look. These include a super affectionate nature and real love for their human companions, a great deal of intelligence with the ability to learn quickly and a keen instinct to hunt. Their amazing coat pattern consists of lots of spots and a few stripes, replicating the look of their wild counterparts.

This cat has an enormous amount of energy, especially the cubs, who expend it in keeping themselves and their human companion entertained, they are suited for outdoor environments or homes with large spaces and lots to do. The Cheetoh Cat is also extremely intelligent, very curious and quite dog-like in their ways. They interact well with other felines and dogs too - a busy and noisy family is no problem. Cheetoh's are a sweet natured lap cat that look wild but have a dependable docile nature and can be trusted around anyone, especially children.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about cheetohs and kitten availablity.

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