Off the Track - Racehorse Retirement

Adoption, Shelter, Welfare
Horses and Ponies;
Address: Melbourne, VIC

The Off the Track program is dedicated to supporting and promoting retired thoroughbred racehorses. The versatility, athleticism, striking presence and intelligence of retired racehorses makes them ideal for a number of post-racing careers, including:

- Sport and leisure (Pleasure riding through to more competitive pursuits including polo and professional equestrian disciplines);
- Companion and therapy animals (Riding for the Disabled)
- Working horses (Clerks of the Course and law enforcement).

The Racing Victoria Off the Track program facilitates the placement of retired racehorses in second careers by assisting industry participants and educating the community about the post-racing options, and the appropriate care and retraining required.

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in Melbourne, VIC


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